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Consumers see traditional telematics only as a means to get cheaper motor insurance. If customers value the wider benefits of telematics outside of insurance then you have broken traditional thinking - customers are then willing to contribute to the cost of the technology! We launched theo at the start of 2019 to prove that you can sell the device and technology, outside of insurance, and that customers are willing to pay for it. Our philosophy when working with partners is think “b2c” not “b2b”. Bought direct, or through Amazon, theo is installed on the windscreen, just like a dashcam.

Theo records driving and video data, transmitting information via a sim card within the device. Displayed through an app, customers are then able to track journeys, develop a driving score, access rewards for good driving, download videos and access cheaper motor insurance. If a customer has an accident, we are able to contact the customer to ask if they are ok and using our expertise help the customer get the best possible outcome. We can even contact the emergency services in the event of a severe accident. Central to theo is customer control. Customers own their own data and decide at every stage who has access to it and when. In a similar way we can help any b2b partner extract all the same benefits that our theo customers receive and more!

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ThingCo Limited is a company registered in England and Wales (11106355). Theo is a trading style of ThingCo Limited, a claims management company, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 831100). We may receive payment from our accident assistance and claims partner if we connect you via Theo’s Accident Portal.

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