Telematics Solutions

Next generation technology and hardware applied and designed using extensive expertise and unique practical knowledge.

ThingCo Platform

A state-of-the-art, fully encrypted, telematics platform built using the latest Amazon Web Services IoT serverless technology.

Utilising the cloud, ThingCo’s platform is fully scalable to any size and can be deployed to any region of the world. Using the latest technology keeps IT costs as low as possible, making possible real-time risk mitigation activity such as intelligent AI driven voice in-car, powered by Alexa technology. ThingCo’s platform has easy integration capabilities for direct connection into partner policy or claims solution via APIs.

ThingCo Hardware

Remaining independent of vehicles and mobile phones, whilst knowing the device is always working, is key to ensure data is optimised and controlled by you.

ThingCo devices take telematics to the next level by using AI driven voice in-car. Empowering you with the ability to engage and risk manage customers real-time, stopping accidents before they happen. Voice capabilities are also core to the ThingCo smart FNOL process by reducing false positives and getting you to the accident as quickly as possible, thereby reducing claims cost.

Little Theo

A fully wireless telematics solution

Solar energy powered - 50,000km per year trips without re-charge

Self-installation within 30 seconds

Full worldwide roaming SIM (2G and 3G options)

No mobile phone required for data transmission. Data collected every second (1 Hz)

Built in Amazon Lex technology-based voice allowing direct communication with the driver


50 Hz accelerator for crash events

Bluetooth option


HD camera

ADAS capabilities (speed of car in front, distance of car in front, lane type recorder)

Professionally installed

Full worldwide 4G roaming SIM

No mobile phone required for data transmission. Data collected every second (1 Hz)

Built in Amazon Lex technology-based voice allowing direct communication with the driver


100 Hz accelerator for crash events

Core Services

Fully independent and isolated ThingCo hosted telematics platform. Designed using the ThingCo team’s vast experience in the telematics arena

Our b2b core services provide any partner not only the tools and technology to create or enhance any offering but the expertise on how to apply these and extract the asset value. As well as consistent updates to services and access to new features we provide knowledge transfer to enable your company to support itself taking advantage of the ThingCo’s team expertise and experience.

The co-branded iOS and Android customer app gives customers access to a host of unique features

These include access to their driving scores, mapped journeys displaying ‘incidents’ such as speeding, data on potential accidents and more. Along with full API access to all data, both in real time and batch including accident alerts, individual customer and management data allowing direct integration into customer portals, policy and claims solutions and DWH

ThingCo telematics management portal allowing high level book view, reporting access, direct view of individual customer data and Smart FNOL mode.

Direct integration into your FNOL team giving real time notification of alerts and circumstances. Use of a crash algorithm built on extensive experience along with AI driven liability models to determine circumstances and liability using telematics, claims handler experience and case law. Real time Amazon Lex driven voice interaction can be used with the customer via the device’s inbuilt microphone and speakers to confirm or deny the accident – reducing false alerts and putting you in control

Additional Services

We understand that individual firms have specific needs which is why we offer tailored additional services made possible by ThingCo’s versatile latest technology

Fully white labelled customer app

Tailored smart FNOL process

Packaging and distribution of solution to policyholders

Custom integration with systems

Customised reporting & custom hardware solutions

Analytical services to identify and manage ‘toxic’ risks

Customer reward incentivisation

Driver intervention management

Telematics costs & customer risk reduction consultancy service

What’s coming next…

We are currently working to provide Counter fraud telematics tools integrated into your policy and claims book using telematics to highlight links and patterns, Promoted messages offering opted in customers voice-based alerts based on their demographic and current location–giving additional revenue generation, and Voice communications API allowing partner AI voice notifications to their drivers.

ThingCo Limited is a company registered in England and Wales (11106355). Theo is a trading style of ThingCo Limited, a claims management company, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 831100). We may receive payment from our accident assistance and claims partner if we connect you via Theo’s Accident Portal.

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